The Racing Route

The course starts in 9.00 am from Loutrakis beach and for the next 700 meters goes along the road and crosses the citys central square. After a small uphill part, the course is headed outside the city and crosses the peripheral road where the first trail of the course is met. This has no technical difficulties and is spreading in between pine trees in the reforested part of the mountain. The incline remains quite subtle and its length is 1000m. ?? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ??????????


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We are now at the altitude of 260 meters, under the main volume of the mountain. Crossing the first few meters is quite easy as the race goes through the forest trail. From that point on, the more demanding part of the ascent begins, as the trail is more delicate and harder to cross, yet clear and with low vegetation. At this part of the trail the incline increases drastically to the extend that the last 500 meters of the positive altitude gain is 200 meters! The course meets the road again a few meters away from Saint Patapios Monastery. This is the middle of the course not only length wise (2,9km) but also with regards to the positive altitude gain (500m).


From here on, the second and most interesting part of the course begins. The scenery becomes more interesting along with the trail that is clear and without stones. In a few spots the trail is slightly loose but this will not cause any problems on ascent. The view of the Corinthian Sea and Iraion Lake is unique. Due to the sudden ascent and as the course goes higher by crossing the mountain, the view towards NE Peloponese is breathtaking. These first few meters after the first half of the course are very demanding. After climbing the monasterys steps we find ourselves in a trail that quickly gains height with continuous turns. Another 1,500 meters left until we reach 300 meters of positive elevation. Soon we reach 800m altitude, as well as 4.3km of the races length. At this point the incline changes begin to evenly diminish and the terrain become smoother especially after the 5th km there is only 65 meters of altitude change till we reach the finishing line. ??? 4? ??? ??? ?????????



We are now at 1,000m altitude after 5.8km of painful uphill!!!

Youve just reached the end of the unique Vertical Kilometer in Greece!