Vertical Kilometer Regulations


Taking part in the race requires fully accepting the rules. Athletes participating to this race acknowledge that they are running on high alpine trails, on mountainous slopes and occasionally on rough soil. Also athletes will be exposed to weather conditions that may vary on the date of the race.


For athletes, male or female to be accepted to the race they have to be minimum 18 years old.

In order to receive a bib number, it is necessary to register via the races webpage and to submit a signed personal declaration form which will be available by the races secretariat.

In order to validate the participation to the race the relevant fee should be paid.


There are 3 categories.

A1. Overall Male                                      C1. Overall Female

A2. Relay Teams


The course is marked by construction tape, indicating the correct direction, as well as arrows with the logo of the race. At key points of the course and in the case that the above mentioned materials are judged to be insufficient, there will be volunteers guiding the athletes. Our aim is to make sure that all athletes are sure that they are running at the preplanned course.


Athletes are running at their own responsibility and the organizers are not liable for any injuries, as it is explicitly mentioned in the personal declaration form. Nevertheless, there will be a Team of Volunteer Rescuers covering almost the entire course. There will also be ambulances half way through the course. At the end of the race, athletes can remain there and attend a meal and then walk back for around 2.8km where there will be a bus to pick them up and take them to the start area of the race.


For the safety and smooth running of the race, there will be a time limit at the middle of the course (km and altitude wise). The limit is 45 from the start of the race. Athletes failing to complete the first part of the course within the time limit will remain at the first check point and will be returned to the start area.


We would like to bring your attention to this issue. All the participants should be particularly cautious with any packaging of liquids or food that will be consumed along the way. Litter bins will be available at the refreshment post, and 20 meters away from it as well at the finish line and along the course of the race. Athletes that throw litter and trash anywhere besides the designated areas will be disqualified. Respecting the environment is of vital importance.


Will be granted to all athletes crossing the finishing line.


Usage of poles is recommended due to high incline. The majority of the athletes participating to Vertical Kilometer races around the world use poles as it is believed that they offer great support. It is also advisable to wear a hat as the race will take place during the summer and of course hard trail shoes.


In case the race is cancelled due to bad weather conditions or in the extreme scenario of a safety problem, North Col has the obligation to reimburse the registration fee. Athletes that pay the fee and do not show up for the race will not be reimbursed.